Lisa Honeycutt, PhD, LCMHC, LMFT

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Lisa Honeycutt is a counselor who lives in Durham, NC. She is a reformed “picky eater,” and has learned to love many vegetables! Lisa loves hiking to waterfalls, swimming, and having fun outside with family and friends. Lisa is a counselor at healthy lifestyles and loves to help children and families improve their relationships with each other and with health! She believes the experience of healthy living should be a fun, happy, enjoyable experience – even if it involves making changes. Her biggest goal is to make sure that all children, teens, young adults, parents and grandparents feel accepted just as they are! Also, she loved Mr. Rogers way before Tom Hanks made it cool.
"I don't think anyone can grow unless he's loved exactly as he is now, appreciated for what he is rather than what he will be." Mr. Rogers.


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