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​Saturday-Sunday 1:00pm-3:00pm

Edison Johnson Recreation Center

500 W. Murray Avenue

Durham, NC 27704

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Wednesday and Thursday 5:00-7:00pm

W.D. Hill Recreation Center

1308 Fayetteville St. 

Durham, NC 27707

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Find out more information about our program, meet our team, and hear our stories! 

Don't just take our word. Hear from our participants about what makes Bull City Fit so special.



   Daniella, 6, and Allyson, 8 
   Nataly, 8 
  Gabriel, 8 

"We love coming to Bull City Fit because we like to play our favorite games and make new friends. We are best friends ever since we started coming here! The exercises and pushups can be tough sometimes but we like to run around and laugh and talk to other kids and the staff."

Participant Profile: Daniella and Allyson's favorite game to play at BCF are "sharks and minnows". Their favorite animals are dolphins and unicorns!    

"I feel a lot healthier since coming to Bull City Fit. My favorite activity is swimming on the weekends, and I am excited for the Splash and Dash, which is a running and swimming competition."

Participant Profile: Nataly has three other sisters. She and her sister Susie, who also comes to BCF, choregraphed a special dance to Ed Sheeran's "Perfect" and performed it in front of the class. She loves Teen Titans and can do a backbend!

"I love Bull City Fit because it is fun and educational."

Participant Profile: Gabriel is in second grade and has an awesome, positive attitude! His favorite games include, "capture the flag" and "sharks and minnows". He also enjoys running and swimming. When he grows up he wants to work as a Staff Member at Bull City Fit and help others live a healthy and active lifestyle!

     Vincent, 10 

"My favorite thing about Bull City Fit is going to the pool on Saturday and Sunday and having free time after our water exercises."

Participant Profile: Vincent is an outgoing boy who loves to come to Bull City Fit! He loves coming to the pool on the weekends with his two older brothers. His favorites games are "sharks and minnows", "Marco Polo", and he also loves diving for pool rings. 

    Martin, 7 
   Lorenzo, 10  

"My favorite thing to do at Bull City Fit is dodgeball."

Participant Profile: Martin has been coming to Bull City Fit for many years with his Mom. He is extremely energetic and friendly! His favorite games are "zombie tag" and "sharks and minnows". He attributes his ability to swim to Bull City Fit and is prideful that he used to have to swim with floaties, but now can fully swim on his own.

"I like coming to Bull City Fit because it is easy to make new friends."

Participant Profile: Lorenzo is a sweet fourth grader who is always smiling and loves coming to Bull City Fit every week! His favorite activities at Bull City Fit are four square and dodgeball. He also loves playing soccer. When he is not on the court playing dodgeball, Lorenzo enjoys learning science and math at school.