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Packing a Balanced Lunch... That Your Kid will Eat

A main benefit of packing lunch is that your child can begin eating it right away. Kids often have to rush through their meal after standing in the school lunch line. The decision to pack lunch for your child is a personal one. Some families do a combination of both: they peruse the weekly school lunch menus then decide which days to send a packed lunch.

A balanced meal includes a controlled portion of high quality carbohydrate, combined generously with vegetables, and enough protein and fat to give the meal lasting satiety.

Here are a few ideas for tasty lunches which illustrate this general balance:

  • Container of tuna salad….made with Greek yogurt or with real mayonnaise (NOT fat free)

  • A few whole grain crackers (be sure to choose a cracker which does NOT contain “partially hydrogenated” oil)

  • Sliced cucumbers and carrots sprinkled with an herb blend

  • Piece of fruit


  • Sandwich on whole grain bread: made with last night’s left over chicken and with several veggies for crunch….lettuce, onion, sliced peppers, spinach, etc.

  • Grape tomatoes with a few olives mixed in

  • Piece of fruit


  • Assorted finger food proteins: hard - boiled egg, cheese cubes or string cheese, and sliced turkey

  • Raw veggies with hummus

  • A few blue corn or whole grain tortilla chips (make certain to choose a brand that does NOT contain “partially hydrogenated” oil)

  • A handful of grapes


  • Fill a container with salad. Top with one or more proteins (left over chicken, drained tuna, chopped eggs, shredded cheese, kidney beans / garbanzo beans, sunflower seed kernels, etc.). You may go ahead and add the dressing (just tell your child to shake the salad before eating). Full fat dressings taste better AND help with absorption of antioxidants in the salad veggies.

  • A few croutons (make certain to choose a brand that does NOT contain “partially hydrogenated” oil)

  • Greek yogurt

Tips for Parents who Pack:

  • Keep lunch safe and cold by including one or two reusable freezer ice packs.

  • Best beverages to pack are water (think reusable water bottles) or the plain milk or soy milk boxes.

  • The packaged, heavily processed, refined carbohydrate based meals that are marketed to kids provide minimal protein and almost no fiber. The ones that come with desserts and sugary drinks are even MORE imbalanced. Create your own version of a kid’s lunch by purchasing one of the Bento boxes and fill the compartments yourself.

  • Mornings are hectic so plan ahead by cutting up the veggies, washing the fruit, boiling the eggs, etc. ahead of time. If you must make the sandwich the night before…. consider putting the mayo or mustard on the toasted bread and into a zip lock bag. Then in a separate bag put the meat and cheese. The lettuce, spinach, etc. go into a third bag. This way, your child can assemble his or her own sandwich and it will be fresh!

  • Check out the Chop Chop kids’ cooking magazine website for ideas on packing a fun lunch that your child will enjoy eating.