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Shopping the Perimeter

Saving money at the grocery store, while stocking up healthy foods that the family will eat is EVERYONE'S goal. The term "shopping the perimeter" refers to sticking mainly with those basic grocery items found around the outer sections of the grocery store such as:

  • Seasonal fresh vegetables and fruit from the produce section

  • Fresh and frozen chicken, fish, beef and pork from the meat / seafood section

  • Eggs, milk, cheeses, Greek yogurt and real butter from the dairy section

  • Whole grain bread from the bakery section

"Shopping the perimeter" will keep you away from costly, heavily processed items such as sugary cereals, soda, sports beverages, candy, cookies, chips, frozen French fries and canned fruit in heavy syrup... to name just a few. NOT putting these items into your cart can add up to BIG savings.

Hold on though. The "shopping the perimeter" message doesn't tell the whole story. There are MANY nutrient dense foods that are located down the aisles. This is where you will find canned fish such as tuna and sardines. Peanut butter is also found on an interior aisle. Anti-oxidant rich green tea bags are waiting for you down the coffee aisle... not far from the bottles of healthy olive oil. Beans (both canned and dried), are yet another extremely healthy food item that is generally NOT found on the perimeter.

SO... the next time you go grocery shopping, definitely hit up the perimeter! Happy shopping!

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