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  • Jenny Favret, RD

Pronto Meals

When it's getting late and the kids are asking "what's for dinner", your first thought might be to grab take out. But wait a minute... there IS a better way.

With just a bit of pre-planning, it is possible to create delicious, easy AND healthy options on those evenings when you need to put a meal together FAST!

Here are three ideas for super fast, delicious AND good-for-you meals:

Meal 1:

Tuna + Chopped Celery + Chopped Egg + Pepper + Mayo =

A delicious tuna salad that may be served with several whole grain crackers, along with sliced tomatoes and cucumbers.

Meal 2:

Serving of canned black beans (warmed up and well -drained), topped with fresh snipped cilantro + shredded cheddar + chopped left -over chicken (optional) + your favorite salsa =

A protein packed meal that is ready in minutes. Feel free to vary the toppings: other ideas include sliced black olives, pieces of avocado....even thin slices of jalapeno peppers!!!

Meal 3:

One slice of whole grain toast + mayo + 3 strips of crisp bacon + 2 slices of tomato + a handful of chopped lettuce + 1 or 2 slices of avocado =

A yummy open -faced BLT sandwich. Serve with raw carrots dipped in hummus.

Tips for Being Able to Throw a Meal Together FAST:

  • Plan ahead: Make a grocery list so that you will have needed items on hand.

  • Think about meal BALANCE: Meals must provide a protein source and should include one or more veggies. If a starch/grain is included (such as pasta, rice or bread), remember to stick with only one to two small servings.