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  • Jenny Favret, RD

A Dietitian's Guide to Halloween

HALLOWEEN... that day of sweet, spooky fun is almost here! Figuring out how to manage your child's sack of sugary treats can be scary to any parent, but this year try to relax and enjoy the festivities without undue stress or arguments. Set limits for sure but avoid over-"policing" which is no fun for anyone! Tips for Managing Halloween Treats

  • Encourage your kids to "play" with their pile of candy. Young kids enjoy sorting games (for example candy may be sorted by flavor, shape, brand, etc.).

  • Consider "buying" your child's candy from them. Many families find that their child will willingly surrender their loot in exchange for money. The amount of money you offer is of course up to you, the parent!

  • Allow your child to enjoy 2 or 3 candies as the dessert component of several meals over the next few days and then tell it good bye!

Here are ideas for what to do with all of that left over candy 1. Exchange candy for Farmers' Market gift cards at BCF or at the Durham Farmers' Market Saturday, November 4! 2. Conduct some really cool science experiments. Click here for 10 "tried and true" (teacher-inspired) experiments using left over Halloween candy! 3. Be creative and use the candy for holiday decorating. With a little imagination and a LOT of glue, your child can decorate everything from gingerbread houses to empty jars that may be used to hold flameless "candles". 4. Give it away. Sometimes assisted living homes and skilled nursing facilities will accept donations of unwrapped candy for use as prizes in Bingo or other games. Call first to make sure!