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  • Jenny Favret, RD

Happy New Year 2018!

Many people see the new-year as an opportunity for making changes. Out of this desire comes some pretty spectacular (and often unrealistic) “new year’s resolutions”. It is little wonder that by mid – January many resolutions have long been forgotten!

Resolutions around health top the list, but unfortunately are often quite short lived. That plan for example to go for a walk EVERY morning ends when getting a bit of extra sleep turns out to be a way more appealing option! Or what about that goal of cutting out ALL sweets…..which was de-railed on day three when your neighbor brought over some home - made brownies?

This year try creating new-year’s resolutions that might actually stick around for a while!

1. Keep it realistic. If you have never been a breakfast eater and you know that you have to be up for a while before eating anything, then certainly DON’T impose a resolution on yourself to start eating breakfast every day. Perhaps a more realistic approach would be to focus on eating a small amount of protein at some point in the mid- morning (which could translate to eating a handful of nuts OR one or two string cheese sticks by around 10:00 A.M).

2. Be flexible. This means trying not to expect or demand perfection. For example instead of going from eating 4 or 5 fast food meals per week to a plan of preparing ALL of the meals at home, consider the possibility of allowing 2 or 3 fast food meals per month. This more flexible approach allows you to feel very good about making most meals at home, yet doesn’t spell FAILURE if you do in fact opt for a fast food meal at times.

3. Avoid specific weight loss goals. Instead of planning to lose 15 pounds this year, try keeping the resolution more general and health – focused. Adopt small positive health changes such as these over the year:

  • Drink one additional glass of water each day.

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator more often.

  • Practice slowing down when eating and try savoring each delicious bite of food.

  • Work more veggies into your meals.

  • Get up and move more often (even a simple stretch or a walk down the hall counts!)

  • Eat real food instead of heavily processed food (choose the carrot stick or the radish slice instead of the packaged veggie chip)

  • Take a moment to make certain that you are in fact hungry before eating a snack.

  • Notice those little things that bring you joy…..and write them down!!

Wishing all of our Bull City Fit Families a Happy and Healthy Year!