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  • Jenny Favret, RD

Small Changes Really DO Add Up!

“Prepare more meals at home instead of eating out so much!” “Stop drinking soda!” “Eat more vegetables!” “Cut way back on carbohydrates!” Changing what we eat and drink is HARD work! Most people already have a “pretty good” idea about what they need to do differently to promote better health, but it can feel overwhelming to change everything at once. Great news! Focus on making a bunch of small changes over time. It’s all about replacing old habits with new ones. Be kind to yourself because this is a work in progress! Ideas for Achieving BIG Dietary Goals... One Tiny Step at a Time:

  • Replace ONE soda each day with a large glass of water. Keep it going until water becomes the MAIN beverage.

  • Request to have the interior breading removed the next time you stop for a sub sandwich.

  • Try packing crunchy veggies such as carrots, sliced radishes, celery or peppers with your lunch instead of chips.

  • Plan and prepare one meal this week to replace a fast food meal.

  • Downsize your cereal bowl.

  • Add a green tea bag to your glass of water for a refreshing dose of anti-oxidants.

  • Eat a salad with more of your meals this week.

  • Choose a veggie to prepare this week that you have never tried (or that you haven’t tried in a very long time).

  • Try substituting rice for cauliflower “rice” with one meal this week (cauliflower “rice” is simply cauliflower that has been finely chopped to resemble rice).

  • Eat 2 tortillas instead of 4.

  • Bring a handful of nuts to eat for snack when hungry instead of a heavily processed, carb based item such as chips or fruit/ cereal bars.

  • Ask for half sweet and half un-sweet tea at restaurants.

  • Eat fruit for “dessert” instead of an actual sweet treat.

  • Avoid buying multi-packs of chip items. Instead, bring in one bag of chips to share with everyone at a meal (when empty there is no opportunity for continued munching).

Try one or more plant based meals this week. Check out The Vegetarian Resource Group for recipes: https://www.vrg.org/recipes/