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  • Jenny Favret, MS, RD, LDN

The Season of Celebratory Eating

Photo contributed by “Nik” via unsplash.com

With Halloween only days away, many kids are thinking about … CANDY!! It seems that from Halloween until the end of the year, there are MANY opportunities to celebrate with food and treats.

In addition to Halloween, there are fall and winter birthdays, classroom parties, and even free holiday cookie samples at the grocery store. Parents often struggle with trying to manage this seemingly endless stream of sugary indulgence.

This might be a good time to step back and remind ourselves that our health (and the health of our families) is determined by the everyday food and activity choices we make… NOT by the extra cookie nabbed at the holiday party or the second serving of mac and cheese at the family reunion.

Consider the big picture and focus on habits that over time really DO impact our health in a good way:

  • Making water your usual beverage of choice.

  • Working more veggies into your meals.

  • Mostly staying away from heavily processed treat items such as chips, sugary cereals and packaged snack cakes.

  • Getting enough sleep!!

  • Moving your body…..getting in some fun daily physical activity.

This is the year to lose “black and white” food rules, which leave no room for celebratory eating. Instead… actually ENJOY the special foods and treats of the season. You might want to review an earlier Bull City Fit post from last year for some specific holiday eating strategies:


In the meantime… check out these links for educational ways to use up all of that left over Halloween candy!



Jenny Favret, MS,RD,LDN

Nutritionist, Duke Pediatrics Healthy Lifestyles Program