Challenge 3: Walk Before You Run: Different ways to start your running progression

By Stephanie K. (Campbell Physical Therapy Student)

Interesting Fact: Women were not allowed to compete in the Boston Marathon until 1972. People claimed that long distance running would be bad for women’s health and that there wasn’t enough interest in the sport. After years of advocacy, in 1988, women finally won the right to compete in the Olympic Marathon

Whether you aspire to become an ultramarathon runner or you just want to enjoy some fresh air, a runner is born by the decision to start. It is very easy to get discouraged in the process by comparing yourself to others or failing to meet your own expectations for yourself. However, if you focus on your own improvement rather than the outcome itself, you will not only get better, but you will also find running to be much more enjoyable. There is no magic formula to begin, just start somewhere and make it a goal to do a little bit better than you did yesterday.

Start off with a slow jog. See how far you can go and how long it takes you. Then walk. Once you feel ready, run again. Keep doing this for 20 minutes. This is your baseline. Your goal from here will be to slowly increase how long you run each day. Here’s an example progression

Challenge 3:

Take part in 3 days of a walk, jog or run. Make an improvement in the next activity (i.e. increased distance, increase speed, jogged more without stopping). Don’t know where to start. Try this:

Day 1: Run 2 mins, Walk 1 min. Repeat for 20 minutes

Day 2: Run 2.5 mins, Walk 1 min. Repeat for 20 minutes

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: Run 2.75 mins, Walk 1 min. Repeat for 20 minutes

Day 5: Run 3 mins, Walk 1 min. Repeat for 20 minutes

Day 6: Agility Training

Day 7: Rest


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