Week 15: Chair Circuit

Happy Monday BCF! This week, we are focusing on circuit training. Circuit training involves moving quickly through a series of exercises with minimal rest between each move. This is what we typically use for our Facebook Live Virtual Activity Follow Alongs Mondays at 6pm.

All you will need for this circuit is a chair! Lace up your shoes, grab a chair, and get moving!

Step Ups

1. Step Ups

Step up onto the chair and then back down. Alternate legs and keep going!

Push Ups

2. Push Ups

Use your chair to do incline pushups! Place your hands shoulder width apart on the seat of the chair. Lower your body down then push yourself back up.

Leg Extension Hold

3. Leg Extension Hold

Sit tall on the edge of the chair. Extend and hold your leg straight for 2 seconds then switch.

Tricep Dips

4. Tricep Dips

Start by sitting in the chair. Place your hands shoulder width apart on the seat of the chair. Slide your bottom of the chair, supporting your body with your legs. Keep your knees bent. Lower your body till your elbows are at 90 degrees, then press back up.

Sit Ups

5. Sit Ups

Place your legs on the chair so the back of your calves are flat against the seat. Use your core to pull yourself up.

Need a timer?

We like this interval timer found here. Make sure to scroll down and change the “time on” to 30 seconds.

Weekly Challenge

Bull City Fit participants can earn their BCF Buck by sending in a picture video of you and your family completing your favorite move from the circuit above! Please send pictures and videos by email to bullcityfit@gmail.com or to our Instagram (@bullcityfit). You may be chosen to be featured on our social media account!

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