Week 17: Agility Drills

Sport skills are the building blocks of a great athlete. Think of basketball as an example. There are so many components that make up a great player. Speed is important for breaking down the court quickly. Awareness helps offensive players navigate past defenders. Skill and technique improves accuracy when shooting. However, attempting to fine-tune all of these components at once can feel overwhelming. That is why sport drills are so important. Drills allow you to separate out specific things you would like to focus on.

For this post, we will be focusing on agility, the ability to quickly change direction while maintaining control. Agility is important in a wide variety of sports, including basketball, soccer, volleyball, and football.

To practice agility drills, find an open space. A big grassy field, a portion of a sidewalk, or a driveway are all great options. Make sure to bring something to mark off the ground like cones, t-shirts, or water bottles.

Deceleration Shuffles
Deceleration Shuffles

1. Deceleration Shuffles Start at cone at A. Sprint to cone B, then quickly circle cone B before moving on the cone C. Circle cone C, then finish by sprinting to cone D.

2. 1 ½ Sprints

Set up three cones in a straight line. Start at cone A. Run forward to cone B, then turn around and run back to cone A. Turn around and run to cone C. To finish, run all the way back to cone A.

3. T Drill

Set up cones in a T pattern. Start by standing at the bottom of the T. For this drill, your body will face forward the entire time no matter what direction you are moving.

Start at cone A. Run forward to cone B. Then, side shuffle to cone C. Touch cone C, then side shuffle to cone D. Side shuffle to cone B, then back peddle to cone A to finish.

Follow along with Rachel on Monday, July 13 at 6pm on Facebook Live as she leads these drills!

Weekly Challenge

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