Week 22: Footloose!

Get footloose and kick off your shoes for this circuit! Don’t leave them at the door--we will be using your shoes to complete this workout. Invite your family to get involved!

Complete this circuit three times through. Spend 30 seconds on each move, with a 10-second rest between each exercise. Rest for one minute when you finish a complete pass. Make sure to you have space to move around and water nearby.

1. Hop Overs

Place your shoes on the ground and stand behind them. Jump forward over them, then backwards. Move at a tempo that is good for you! You can also march over your shoes for this move.

2. Shoe Flips to Burpee

Flip your shoes like you would a water bottle. Every time that you get your shoes to land sole down, do one burpee. Start by standing, then hop or walk your feet backwards so you are in a plank position. Reverse to stand back up.

3. Toe Touch Crunch

Lay on your back with your legs straight in the arm. Hold your shoes in your hands. Touch your shoes to your toes by using your abdominal muscles to crunch up.

4. Figure 8 Weaves

Stand with your legs spread shoulder width apart. Holding one shoe in your hand, weave it around your legs in a figure eight pattern.

5. Inchworms

Place your shoes on your hands. Bend at the waist so your hands are on the ground by your feet. Walk out your hands until you are in a plank position, then walk your hands back to your feet.

Need an interval timer?

We like this one! It’s preset with the work and rest times.

Weekly Challenge

Bull City Fit participants can earn their BCF Buck by sending in a picture video of you and your family completing your favorite move from the circuit above! Please send pictures and videos by email to bullcityfit@gmail.com or to our Instagram (@bullcityfit). You may be chosen to be featured on our social media account!

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