Week 27: No-Equipment Circuit!

Updated: 7 days ago

No equipment is needed for this kid-friendly circuit. Make sure you have some room to move around and a water bottle close at hand!

We will be completing this circuit 3 times through, spending 30 seconds on each move with a 10 second break between each one.

Need an interval timer? We like this one! It’s preset with the work and rest times.

This circuit will be posted as a YouTube video on Friday, September 25, 2020. You can follow along with Rachel, BCF Program Coordinator, as she completes this circuit all the way through! Rest and work times will be included. All you have to do is press play!

Butt Kicks

1. Butt Kicks

Jog in place and bring your heels up to your glutes.

Standing Bicycle Crunch

2. Standing Bicycle Crunch

With your hands behind your head, bring your right knee up to meet your left elbow. Switch and repeat!

Criss Cross to Floor Tap

3. Criss Cross to Floor Tap

Jump to criss-cross your feet in front of you, then squat down the tap the floor.

Head, Shoulder, Knees, Toes, Feet, Feet, REVERSE

4. Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes, Feet, Feet, REVERSE

This move has a long name that tells you exactly what to do. Tap your head, shoulder, and knees, then walk your feet back so you are in a high plank. Reverse the move and repeat!

Quick Side Shuffles

5. Quick Side Shuffles

Start by standing with your feet shoulder width apart. Shuffle from side to side, focusing on your outside feet.

Follow Along

Follow along with Rachel, BCF Program Coordinator, as she completes this circuit on our YouTube Channel!

Weekly Challenge

Bull City Fit participants can earn their BCF Buck by sending in a picture video of you and your family completing your favorite move from the circuit above! Please send pictures and videos by email to bullcityfit@gmail.com or to our Instagram (@bullcityfit). You may be chosen to be featured on our social media account!

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