Week 37: Snowman Knock Down Challenge

Updated: Jan 8

With temperatures dropping and winter approaching, it is time for a snow themed challenge!

For this 1-minute challenge, you will need 3 pairs socks and a snowman. We drew our snowman on paper at home. Click the picture below if you would like to print your very own BCF snowman.

They goal of the challenge is to hit your snowman with as many snowballs as you can in 1-minute. Start by taping your snowman to wall then take five giant steps back. When you are ready, throw your snowballs at the snowman one at a time. Once you are out of snowballs, run to retrieve them and then race back to the start. Keep going until the timer runs out!

Follow Along

Follow along with Rachel, BCF Program Coordinator, as she completes this challenge on our YouTube channel. Can you beat our high score?

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