Week 4: Jump Around!

This sunshiny week as been full of fun! We cooked quiche at Tuesday’s Virtual Cooking Class and completed the Staff Circuit at Wednesday’s Activity Follow Along. We have loved seeing you on our Facebook Livestream! You can see our schedule here for more information on our Facebook Livestreams.

For this week, we are focusing on JUMPING AROUND! There are so many ways to jump around at home and reenergized for the day. Try these examples to get up, get moving, and get jumping!

1. Hopscotch

Grab some chalk and make a hopscotch pattern. Throw a rock onto the pattern, hop to it, pick it up, and hop back! Try to keep your balance!

2. Line Jumps

Find a line and practice jumping in different direction! Jump forward, side to side, and in-and-out

3. Follow the Leader

Map out a jumping course in your home. Pick one member of your family to be the leader. Everyone else must copy the jumping patterns they use to get through the course!

4. Jump Rope

Try some new tricks! Can you jump on one foot? Backwards? With your eyes closed?

5. Stairs

Find a step or staircase. Try to jump up and down all the stairs. Add an extra challenge by timing yourself. Can you beat your personal best?

You can follow with Rachel as she completes an Activity Follow Along on Facebook Live Wednesday, April 15, 2020 at 6PM. You can find our Facebook here.

Weekly Challenge

Bull City Fit participants can earn their BCF Buck by sending in a picture video of you and your family completing your favorite way to jump around! Please send pictures and videos by email to bullcityfit@gmail.com or to our Instagram (@bullcityfit). You may be chosen to be featured on our social media account!

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