Week 49: Enjoying Daylight Savings and Springtime Temps!

We celebrated the first day of spring and the end of daylight savings this past week. There is now more light in the evenings and warmer weather to go along with it! See below for our tips on ideas of how to utilize the extra hour of light in the evenings.

1. Pack a picnic dinner and eat outside

A picnic can be as simple as eating your dinner in your backyard or on your front steps. You don’t have to travel far to enjoy a family meal together outside! Need a picnic recipe idea? Check out an idea for a picnic lunch here.

Rock Quarry Park Trail, BCF Summer 2019

2. Go on a walk after dinner to end your day

Take a stroll around the block after dinner to enjoy the last hour of sunlight. Use the time to reflect on your day using the rose, thorn, bud method. Name something good (rose) and something bad (thorn) that happened that day. Finish it off by naming something you are looking forward to (bud)!

3. Explore a playground or sport court

Our friends at Durham Parks and Recreation manage over 60 parks. You can see details about the facilities at each park here.

We hope you enjoy the extra hour of light and spend some time enjoying the warm spring weather this week!

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