Week 5: Soccer Skills

Happy Friday BCF! We had a great time JUMPING AROUND last week and completing the challenge.

This week, we are going to focus on a BCF favorite: SOCCER! There are plenty of ways to practice skills to make you an even better soccer player at home. Remember to practice social distancing and only play soccer with people who live in your home. You can read more information on how to be play safe during the Coronavirus Pandemic here (en español aquí).

No soccer ball? No problem! These skills can be done with anything round: a balloon, volleyball, kickball, basketball, or even a small pillow would work! Get creative and get moving!

Ball Control

Ball control allows you to keep possession of a ball for extended periods of time. Working on small drills over and over can build larger ball control skills. Check out this video of ways to practice ball control inside.

Agility Ladders

Having quick feet – also called agility -- is important for soccer. Agility is the ability to change directions and maintain your balance, an important skill in soccer when pushing pass defenders or making a break down the field. You can practice agility on your own at home. If you have an agility ladder, pull it out! If not, use tape, sticks, or chalk to make your own.


Juggling is a fun way to improve your touch on the ball. Try to push yourself to beat your personal best. Can you juggle more than 5 times in a row?

Weekly Challenge

Bull City Fit participants can earn their BCF Buck by sending in a picture video of you and your family completing your favorite soccer ball control move, agility drill, or juggling! Please send pictures and videos by email to bullcityfit@gmail.com or to our Instagram (@bullcityfit). You may be chosen to be featured on our social media account!

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